5 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android [Music Lovers]

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5 best music streaming apps for Android

Music is a very magical world; streaming music services are growing rapidly for smartphones, tablets and for web apps. There are hundreds of music streaming apps for Android devices that are currently available, each with some unique features. Choosing one best app that fits your need is increasingly difficult task.

Our editor has picked these 5 best music streaming apps for Android that you should try. Obviously, some of them are well known and you might have already used or heard about them. In last few months, we observed many new improvements and changes in feature of existing apps and some newer apps have been launched. In this list, we have included all new and existing apps that are offering best and quality music streaming service.

Some of these apps have really amazing features, these apps will let you access you music from anywhere without taking any of your device’s precious storage. They may offer you the best customization and personalization features on your personal music library and albums. Some of them are completely free.

Check it out these biggest and notable music streaming apps for your android device and pick one that better suit you.


  1. Spotify

Spotify Music Streaming app for android

Spotify is the most popular streaming service in US and in Europe as well. It offers 20 million strong catalogues of music tracks to listen to. The free version only gives you personalized radio but with the subscription, it’s unbeatable. Most of the music lovers love this app for this unlimited access of music.

Some of its premium features include downloading music for offline listening, enjoy amazing sound quality and play any song, any time on any device (mobile, tablet, or computer).

Download: Google Play

  1. Pandora

Pandora Android Music Streaming App

I consider this as the second biggest name in the music streaming service. It’s one of the most successful, well-known, and trusted music streaming apps in the world. Pandora service is available for listeners in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Rather than providing tracks on-demand, Pandora users pick a song and let it create a radio station of similar and related music. The free version of the app will require you to listen to ads after every few songs, which isn’t that bad. If you want to listen to music without ads; Pandora offers a subscription service called Pandora One account. The Pandora One premium service will removes all the advertisements and provide access to the service through the standalone Pandora One Desktop app.

Pandora is best for people who want to stream radio station rather than on-demand tracks. The app offer similar quality of audio for playing as Spotify but not have advance additional services like Spotify.

Download : Google Play

  1. Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music Service

You may not much aware with this Google’s music service, here are the some big reasons due to which it considered in our best five music streaming apps.

Google Play Music All access is premium service that allows you to stream any of the more than 20 million tracks that are available. The app offers you to listen to the music in the radio-style experience too. Similar to Pandora it let you create a station based on any artist, album or song. This app is also one step ahead with Spotify in a few ways – it allows mobile users to access all the music they have uploaded locally via apps rather than restricting them to listen to their music only by streaming.

Currently the app has limitation of uploading of 20,000 tracks and it is only available in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Download: Google Play

  1. Rdio

Rdio android App

Rdio is another awesome music streaming android app competitive to Spotify. It offers almost same features as the Spotify and like many other service providers it also claim to have 20 million song catalog.

Rdio is available for almost every platform including web app access. Provides free trail service for mobile then monthly subscription free is applied. For desktop users, the service will provide six months of uninterrupted ad-free music listening.

It has a good and clean user interface and also offers social media integration. Rdio is available in 51 countries. This app is best for people who want cheap access to unlimited streaming on the web.

Download: Google Play

  1. Songza

Songza Music App

Songza is comparable to Pandora, like Pandora, Songza is free to use and is sort of classified as an internet radio service. Unlike the other services on this list, this app will provides a list of precompiled stations to choose from.

The best thing I like about his app is the ability to pick the music station according to your mood; for example if you are in the mood for upbeat music, you can pick the precompile station that has well upbeat music. Let’s see another example, on a Tuesday afternoon, Songza might recommend music for working, for an energy boost, for taking the day off or for working out at the gym.

Download: Google Play

As you see, some being more suited for radio listening and others for individual tracks and albums on-demand. Google Play music enable you to upload your own music collection to the cloud and it allows you to listen stored music from anywhere by streaming. On the other hand, Spotify is one of the best-known music services available.

These are the five best music streaming apps for Android that our editor picked for you, but what about you? If you’re using any other app and wish to share, drop a comment below and share why you like it.




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