Top 5 Best Online business Ideas for WordPress

by 6 years ago

Best Online Business Ideas

WordPress is the most famous and marvelous open source blogging tools and CMS provider. So many people  and organizations are generating their living by working on their best online business ideas.

That’s a reason I am going to share these best online business ideas of using WordPress as commercial business. By using these formulas you can make good amount of money.

List of Best Online Business Ideas


1. Sell Themes

Most of the popularity of a blog depends on its interface. So bloggers need best interface themes.  Selling of the WordPress themes is a very good business. There are so many different theme selling companies that are available. If you have good design and coding skills, you can make huge amount of money from theme selling.  If you can’t develop a theme yourself then hire someone to do it for you.

2. Sell Plugins

Selling Plugins is one of the best online business idea, it is a growing business in WordPress community. It is best if you have good coding knowledge but if you don’t, you need not to worry. Just put some already existing plugins together and develop a new one.

3. Consulting

Consulting here means advising others about the WordPress features and benefits. Now a days so many companies wants to switch towards open source softwares. If you have good knowledge of WordPress then you can charge them for your consulting fee.

4. Training

Generate online training materials in the form of videos and manuals. Offer online training to you visitors, individual or companies. It is good and growing business on internet.

5. Content Websites

It’s a most commonly used online business idea. Make a blog on specific topic and start monetizing it with PPC, CPM, advertising programs or affiliate programs. It needs lot’s of patience and dedication but at the end you can get a great rewards.

Those are the best online business ideas for WordPress, If you have any other idea that help others to make money in some easy ways, feel free to leave a comment.


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