Make Money: Accelerate your blog Income

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Accelerate Blog income

Increase in visitors means chances of generating more money is also greater. If you want more than your regular Adsense Income with your blog then you can use these tricks.

At the beginner level, bloggers uses Google Adsense like advertising programs for their living. Now it’s time to switch to some better options. According to your blog’s traffic density you can find the formula from following article that better suit to your blog. The formulas that I am going to discuss are direct revenue generation techniques and it allow you to make better income.

Boost Your Blog Income


1. Direct Banner

You might be using PPC or CPM advertising programs to monetize your blog. But direct banner ads are more suitable for the increment of you blog’s earning. Direct banner ads will take your blog to new heights. Direct Advertisers are hard to find, it takes more work  but its work pretty good and quick work for you. It’s a one of the best to accelerate your blog income.
Direct Advertisers:   OIOPublisher , Ad Rotator Plug-in

2. Sponsored Post

Sponsored post is also called paid post. Other sponsor your post and you get paid for that. It is post created about a specific organization or website that links to another blog or website with targeted keyword links.
Get Sponsor: PayPerPost

3. Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored  reviews are reviews of products that you can get from direct contact with product owner or review sites. You get paid for reviews of their products.
Reviews Providers: ReviewMe Sponsored Reviews

4. Premium Content

Premium contents are those contents that are published on blogs or websites and to read that contents visitors need to pay or subscribe. You can charge visitors anything you want in exchange. You may use various gateways to get payment such as paypal.
Gateways: Paypal
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You can use any of above formula to monetize your blog which suits you better. Hope this article is useful for you. If you need any help, feel free to leave comment.


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