Beginner tips : Make Money from Blog

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Make Money for blog

Wondering for tips to make money from blog can be frustrating. Either you don’t use perfect techniques or you are not getting enough traffic. Here is the solution for beginner to make money from blog.

In this  article we are going to discus basic elements and resources required by beginner blogger to make their blogs to generate income.

Making money from blog is something about customizing monetizing formula. In below article you can find formula for your blog by which you can make money.

Tips to Make Money from Blog


1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a most famous adverting program in bloggers which is used to make money from blog. In PPC advertising program, ads are placed on your blog and you get paid for per clicked by visitors on ads. Money is directory proportional to the traffic of blog.
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PPC Advertisers:   Google Adsense ,Chitika, Adbrite

2. Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

CPM is a impression based advertising system. In CPM advertising program, ads are placed on your blog and you get paid on per thousand impressions. Blog with the high page impressions makes higher money.
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CPM Advertisers: Value Click, Tribal Fusion

3. Money Widgets

Thousands of money making widgets and plug-in are available for your blog. Just what you need to do is to  add their widgets on your sidebar or anywhere. According to widget provider policies.
Widgets Providers: The Newsroom, WidgetBucks

4. In-Text Ads

In Text Ads are those ads which are appears on your blog’s body and double marks keywords. On visitor’s mouse-over a pop up ad will come appear. This is good for small blogs and websites.
In-Text-Ads Providers: Kontera, Vibrant Media

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is famous way to make money from blog  or website. In affiliate marketing you can use your blog to sell relevant products to your readers, you will get paid of some percentage on each sale.
Affiliate Marketing Providers:ClickBank,  Link Share

6. Text Link Ads

Some link providers are available who pay you to put their links on your blog  but they are hard to find.
Text Links Ads Providers: Text-Link-Ads Text-Link-Brokers

7. Feed Ads

Feed provides two ways benefits. First, You can put your adds on feed that help you to monetize your blog. Second, Feed makes visitor subscriptions for your blog. Just what you need to do is create a Feed burner account for your blog
Feed Providers: Feedburner,  BidVertiser

Above are the basic ways to make money from your blog. You must read to know more other alternatives to “Accelerate your blogging Income”.


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