Google Glass now available for UK with price tag ₤1,000

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Google Glass in UK

After two year the launch of Google Glass in the US, Google is now expanding it’s Google Glass to the other parts of the world. Google Glass is Google’s one of the most popular product that’s already on headlines from long time, now it available for the people of UK. Those people who wants to have similar experience as the US people had with Google Glass, now they can enjoy everything that US counterparts are enjoying.

UK is the second country where Google launches its products, outside the US. Same as Chromecast, UK is the first to get Google Glass outside of the US. Although, rest of the world have to wait a bit longer, the Google Glass lover of UK will have access to every features and offers, including all the colors and frames. Google Glass is now available for UK  with the name of explorer program.

Google Glass in UK is now available on Google Play Store with a price tag of ₤1,000. With this price, you option to choose frame or shade of your choice, at no extra charge. The explorers of this Google product have given a choice of usual color options of Shale, Sky, Tangerine, Cotton and Charcoal and they can also get access of the new lightweight Titanium frame style including Split, Thin, Bold, and Curve. Additionally, they can also pick shades like Edge, Classic, and Active.

I have something more for your, if you curious to know a bit more about Google Glass in London. Below is a nice video demo from Google that gives you all answers about its look and what it sounds like?

What do you think?

The US and UK both have gotten an opportunity to enjoy the Google Glass features. On the other side, rest of the world have to wait and watch. Google Glass is being used for multipurpose such as some people are using for mountain claiming, cooking, study etc.

What would you do if you get an opportunity to have one? Share your expectations with us.

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