How to enable Ok Google everywhere on Android

by 4 years ago

Ok Google Everywhere

Initially, when Google released its ‘Ok Google’ amazing feature, it had some access limitations, for example- you could only use voice commands with the Google Experience Launcher or with Google Now.

But recently, Google has removed these limitations, after the Google Search app update; you can now use Google Now voice commands from any screen and with any Android Launcher you want.

What’s an “Ok Google”?

Ok Google” is a voice command which enable you to make calls from any screen (even from the lock screen) by just saying “Ok Google” followed by “call Bob”. With this feature, you don’t need to switch to your phone dialer whenever you need to call someone.

“Ok Google” voice command on Google search app even lets you start a voice search from the Google app or any home screen in the Google Now Launcher.

Steps to enable Ok Google everywhere on Android

To enable this feature you need to open Google Now and then follow some easy steps

Open Google Now

  1. Scroll down and press the menu icon
  2. Go to Setting -> Voice -> ‘OK Google’ Detection
  3. Select options you want

Enable Google voice command on any screen

Basically there are three options – From Google Search app, from any screen and from lock screen. Check the options and start enjoying new voice command features on your Android device.

Note: Since these options are available on latest Google Search Android app, if for some reason you don’t see these options try to update your Google Search app.


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