Anyone can buy Google Glass – One day Limited time Offer in US

by 5 years ago

Anyone can buy Google Glass

Another leaked news by The Verge “For one day Google will let anyone in the US to buy Google Glass”.  According to the document obtained by The Verge, Google is going to announce a big explorer program for US people.  Google glasses is going to available to anyone who want to purchase, it will be a limited-time offer, may be only for a day. It’s expected to come official announcement by next week.

Only US residents will be eligible to purchase Google glasses at $1,500 per pair. The program activities not yet finalized.

Announce a limited time (about a day) expansion of the Explorer Program where any US resident would be able to purchase Glass (through and join the Explorer program. Include free frame or shade with purchase ($1500)

Google’s this step simply indicates that Google want to testing its device in the hand of as many people as possible before global launch.


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