Reasons For Low CPC (Cost Per Click) : Adsense Solution

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Low Adsense CPC

It is very frustrating to see several clicks returning half dollar or less. But in practice we expect at least $1 per click or more. If you are facing the same problem, it is very big reason to worry.
There are many reasons for low CPC, some of them are avoidable and some are not. This article discus main reasons for low cost per click and suggest you the best solution for them. It will not take more than an hour to understand and implement it. Article writers must keep all the following points in mind will writing articles.

Reasons and Solution For Low CPC

  1. Keywords

  2. Keyword is a word or a phase which Google used to display relative Ads on your web page.
    Some keywords has low CPC and some has high CPC, its depends on the brand of advertisement. Let me tell you with example, “low cost” keyword has $0.05 CPC while “Insurance” keyword has $53.0 CPC.
    Do some research work for your article to find out good keywords with high CPC.

  3. Bid Amount

  4. Let me first explain “Bid Amount”, Bid amount is the bid of particular keyword by the advertisers (brand). For example, there is a big rush of sponsors for “insurance” keywords therefore its CPC is high.

  5. Placement of Ads

  6. Ads placement is an another big factor to understand it. Suppose you have placed three ads on your web page A1, A2 and A3.
    Google Adsense pay more for the ads placed on top and it gets decrease from top to bottom. Means A1 get more CPC than A2 than A3.

  7. Ad Types

  8. Google Adsense has more sponsors for banner/image than text. But you have customized Adsense to display text Ads on your web page. In such case Google get forced by your to display text Ads, therefore Google will pay you low CPC for text Ads. This is call smart pricing.

  9. Timing

  10. Timing/seasons also affects CPC. In holidays seasons CPC gets low automatically. So if this is a reason for your low CPC than there is no need to worry, it will get raise after some times.

  11. Geographical Targeting

  12. Google varies its CPC with geographical areas. For example, any keyword like “insurance” give you $1.0 per click from India while it may give you $30.0 from USA.
    These are the reasons for low Adsense CPC. One must need to have the basic understanding Google Adsense to get high returns of his/her work.


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