Most Successful Locations to Place Ads to Boost Google Adsense Commission

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Today online money making is the most easiest way to earn 100$ over a night. Best way to make job more time saving or make some extra money in our spare time is to write a blog. When I heard that someone can earn money from a blog; without waiting I create my blog and wrote loads of quality post to my blog. After few month, my Blog  started money making for me, I was happy to have a good money making Blog. But at that time I was not too aware with the tweaks that might be help me to boost Google Adsense commission.

One day I was sitting, I don’t know why a question came to my mind? to compare my blog revenues with other blog and I did it and found a big gap.  So I  decided to do some research and study about ads and Adsense. When I researched , I learned a lot of genuine tweaks to boost Google Adsense commissions over a night and I started working on it. After the work of few days  my ads revenues not only doubled but it’s just almost triple now.

Here friends, I am going to give all my series of tweaks that I used. Hope it will work for you.

Where to place Ads to maximize Adsense Commission?

The day I did experiment of placing ads on appropriate place, I was afraid. What will happen? Is it waste of time? And lots of such questions was starting to make me weak from the thoughts. It was approx 5.30pm, I decided to log in to my Adsense account and what I saw I got shocked, it was 45% increment of my CTR.

Ads placing is an very important to getting best performance of Ads. The best location of Ads varies from blog to blog or site to site depending on the layout used.

Where Should you Place Ads?

According to Google Adsense

the positions that are ‘hot’ can be seen on the heat map to the right (this is the official AdSense heat map which they put together from their own research and observations of where ads work best. You can see how anywhere at the top of content can work best (the brightest orange area) but that in general above the fold and to the left seems to be the ‘hotter areas’.

The Ads positioning is best natural way to boost Google Adsense commission


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