Increase Adsense Earnings Using Competitive Ad Filter

by 6 years ago


Have you ever wondered why you are not getting good earning despite of decent traffic on your site ? Why inspite of getting continuous click on ads by your visitors you getting very low earning? Many of my blogs were facing same problem, inspite of visits and clicks on ads the earning were very low. After much research I found the reason and the solution for the problem. The solution is using Competitive ad filter option of Google Adsense.

Reason for low earning

The reason for low earnings per clicks(EPC)  are unrelated ads and Made for Adsense(MFA) websites. These websites pay very less amount say $0.01/click.  These ads are the main reason for low earnings.


The solution is to use Competitive ad filter option of the adsense to block such websites from showing ads on your blog. The Competitive Ad Filter is a option provided by Google Adsense which allows you to block specific ads, such as these low paying ads, from appearing on your website.

How to block these websites?

To block these low paying ads just follow these steps:-

  • Open your high traffic receiving webpages and see for the ads that you are receiving.
  • Look at the following screenshot.

you can see the ad is “Online Office Romance” which is marked in circle. Since my website is based on technology there is a very few chance that my visitors will ever click on that ad. Also if you see the site which has given ad is “”, online office romance ad given by such site appears to be suspicious and a Made For Adsense website.

  • To get the actual URL of this ad use Adsense Preview Tool it is perfectly safe.
  • Keep adding such urls to Competitive Ad Filter to increase your earnings. Within a week you will notice the difference if you have continuously added the MPA Sites. This will certainly increase Adsense Earnings.


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