Top 10: Free Android Medical Apps

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top 10 free Android medical apps

With people relying on their Android smartphones more than ever, developers round the world are trying to create innovative apps everyday. Today, you can use Android medical apps to measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level and much more. Thus, your smartphones are no longer just some entertainment units, they are no potential live savers.

Seeing increasing number of Android smartphone owners everyday, we have created a list of top 10 free Android medical apps. This list consist of some of the most innovative and must have Android medical apps.

Free Android Medical Apps

  1. Calorie Counter

    4.6 stars from 849,097 users
    Developed by MyFitnessPal, it has a vast food database (over 5,000,000 foods). Using this apps easy calorie counter, you can measure the calorie intake in your diet. This app will you lose weight and stay fit.fc3109d3-smush-Calorie+Counter+-+MyFitnessPal
    Other features include the ability to track your diet and exercise in less than 5 minutes, remembering your favorite food, add multiple food at once, add multiple meals at once, import recipe, create your own custom food and  exercise, track progress, etc. It also contains a Barcode scanner which you can use to scan your food, a tracker to track all the essential nutrients and over 350 cardio exercises and strength training.
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  2. GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons

    4.6 stars from 9,244 users
    Developed by GoodRx, this app will help you save 80% on your prescription drug cost. You might not know that the prescription drugs cost varies from pharmacy to pharmacy.So, GoodRx drugs prices and coupons will help you compare the prices of drugs and provide coupons and tips for thousands of prescriptions. The app will find which pharmacists have the drugs for less than $4 per fill, and where certain drugs are provided free!top 10 free Android medical apps
    Although this app is only beneficial to US customers but the fact that this app helps you save more than 80% on your medical prescriptions, compelled us to add it to our medical apps list.
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  3. Water Your Body

    4.5 from 167,914 users
    top 10 free Android medical apps
    Developed by NorthPark. Needless to say, you should drink lots of water. But in our busy schedule, we often forget to drink enough water. Drinking ample amount of water everyday helps you to stay fit, clear your skin and keep your nails healthy.
    Just enter your current weight, Water Your Body will determine the amount of water you need everyday. The features of the app include reminders about the amount of water left for day, custom cups, water measurements in Imperial (oz) or  Metric (ml), customized timings for when to start and end the time for drinking water and records of the amount of water you drank.
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  4. First Aid

    4.5 stars from 6,834 users
    Developed by American Red Cross, this is a must have medical app on your Android smartphone. The First Aid provides an expert advice for everyday emergencies that you come across. The app provides step-by-step advice, quizzes and videos to help you provide or receive an excellent first 10 free Android medical apps
    Since it’s an official American Red Cross app, the information provided by the app has very high quality and is dead useful. At present, the provides simple step-by-step instructions to guide you in everyday first aid scenario, full integration with 911, videos and animations, safety tips and preloaded content which means that there’s no need for an internet connection everytime.
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  5. Medscape

    4.4 stars from 30,960 users
    top 10 free Android medical apps
    Developed by WebMD, this is the most used app by physicians, nurses, medical students and other medical professionals. It has a user base of over 4 million users and is completely free to use. Some of its features include medical news, drugs information, disease & condition information, medical calculators, drug formulator information, continuing medical education courses, offline access
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  6. Instant Heart Rate

    4.3 stars from 141,337 users
    Developed by Azumio Inc. If you like to workout or have a heart condition, you might want to check your heart rate regularly. You can use instant heart rate app to checkout your heart rate so that you don’t put too much pressure on your heart. To check for the heart rate, just put your finger on the camera. The app will then automatically your heart rate based on a verified medical technique.
    top 10 free Android medical apps
    This app is very accurate and the fact that it doesn’t use any additional sensor, other than a camera present in every smartphone, makes it even better. The readings of this app have been compared with real medical equipments and the results are pretty accurate.
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  7. Home Remedies

    4.3 from stars from 8,940 users
    Developed by ProThoughts, this app provides natural home remedies for over 100 diseases. You might already know that natural remedies are the best available medicine for your body. They don’t have a side effect and you can easily make them at home, not to mention that they are very effective.
    top 10 free Android medical apps
    The Home Remedies app will help you create medicines using herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. The app has a cure for about 100 different diseases including achne, cough, flu, common cold, hair loss, backpain, etc. Considering the simplicity of the app and the fact that it provides a reliable medical cure for free, it earned it place in our list of top Android medical apps.
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  8. Google Fit

    4.0 stars from 83,924 users
    Developed by Google Inc., this app will record your daily activity. Just carry your Android smartphone with you and it will record the time you spent on walking, running and cycling activity. You can set your fitness goals, based on the time durations or the physical activity and track your performance throughout the day. The Google Fit app also provides recommendations, based on your activity.
    top 10 free Android medical apps
    This app is also supported by all types of Android Wear. Since, it’s developed by Google, it is updated on regular basis to provide as accurate results as possible.
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  9. Cardiograph

    3.8 stars from 147,570 users
    top 10 free Android medical apps
    Developed by MicroPinch, it’s just like Instant Heart Rate except that it can save results for multiple peoples with individual profile for every user. Cardiograph uses your inbuilt camera or a dedicated sensor to detect your heart rate and save the results for future use. The algorithm used in this app provides result similar to that of medical equipments. Apart from being able to record heart rate of multiple users, this app also supports Android wear.
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  10. Stress Check by Azumio

    3.5 stars from 7,806 users
    top 10 free Android medical apps
    Developed by Azumio Inc. Stress not only affects us mentally but physically as well. Stress is one of the biggest reason behind heart disease and is very dangerous to health. So, if you are already stressed, feel anxious, then this app is just made for you.
    Stress Check app uses camera and light features on our smartphones to detect our stress level. The changes to your stress level are recorded in real time. Besides recording stress levels, it also teaches you to identify the potential affects of a stressful situation, shows you how to minimize your stress level and also keeps a complete record of your stress levels, over the time. In short, its provides a perfect way to alert you about your stress level and helps you prevent a possible heart disease.
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There! That’s the list of top Medical Android apps that we have compiled for you. You’ll find many of these apps helpful for you or your family. Just give these apps a try, they might be helpful in protecting you or your dear ones.
Did you find the list appropriate? Have we missed any important app? Please add your views in the comment section.


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