Setup Free Proxy Server using Google App Engine

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setup web proxy server

Learn how to setup free proxy server for free, no web hosting or domain required. With Google App Engine we will build and host free proxy server.

On internet, there are thousands of PHP proxy scripts are available that will help you to setup free proxy server in a minute. Learn how to create Proxy server using Worpress? But creating proxy server with PHP proxy script required a domain name and hosting.

In this tutorial you will going to learn how to setup free proxy server by using  Google App Engine. If you don’t have any domain or owing any web space you still able to create your own proxy server.

Setup Free Proxy Server for Free

Here are the simple and easy to execute steps that will help you to setup free proxy server.
Step 1: Go to and sign-in to Google Account.
Step 2: Click the “Create an Application” button (Verify your mobile number at first time).

Step 3: Select your sub-domain, (On which your proxy server will host).

Note: your sub-domain will act as your App ID (Example: xyz-ptr).

Step 4: Now go to, download the 2.6.4 MSI Installer and install Python.

Step 5: Then go to, download the Google App Engine SDK for Python and install it.

Step 6: Download this (proxy-Server) zip file and extract it your on desktop.

Step 7: Start the Google App Engine Launcher program and go to Edit – > Preferences.

Step 8. Click on File – > Add Existing Application under the Google App Launcher program and browse to the directory that you created in Step 6.

Step 9: Click on Edit button and replace “YOUR_APP_ID” with App ID (sub-domain) that you got in Step 3.

Step 10: Click Deploy.

Follow these Screenshots:

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Now your proxy server is ready to use you can use Google Adsense program to generate some money from it and also you can use other Google programs such as Google Analytic to monitor your proxy server.


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