Revealed! WhatsApp To Have Calling Feature Soon

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WhatsApp to have calling feature soon

With an active user base of over 600 million, WhatsApp is currently the most popular chat app in the market. WhatsApp has all the features required in a popular chat app, except the ability to make calls through the internet. Whatsapp releases their app in two versions for Android devices, one through the PlayStore and another through their website. According to AndroidWorld, a Dutch website, the analysis of the web version of WhatsApp has shown that the developers are working on WhatsApp to have calling feature soon. They even have screenshots to show us how the feature will look like in the future.

Since some previous updates in WhatsApp, we have seen that WhatsApp now as permission to pair with a Bluetooth device. This tells us that the Dutch website might be correct in assuming that we might have a calling feature soon on Whatsapp. The users will be able to make calls to other WhatsApp contacts over a data of WiFi connection.

WhatsApp to have calling feature soon

Elegent WhatsApp call screen © AndroidWorld

AndroidWorld suggests that the WhatsApp calling might be separated from the chatting screen. In the present versions, we have an information screen where we see the profile, status, media and contact information. In the future updates, call logs related to that person might also be included. The WhatsApp calling feature will be like any other messaging function in which you can make a call by simply pressing a button. In addition to track the calls made to a contact, future WhatsApp versions might also have a log to show the missed calls from that contact.

WhatsApp to have calling feature soon

Simple call log © AndroidWorld

Friendly call logs, no hassle calling function and the ability to track the missed calls from you contacts might make this new calling feature of WhatsApp, pretty popular. At the moment, we don’t have any confirmation from the WhatsApp team as to if WhatsApp will have calling feature. So, we can’t predict as to when this feature will come out in the open. But there’s one thing we can say for sure, this feature will make WhatsApp more popular than ever.

What are your views on WhatsApp to have calling feature ? Do you think the company is going in right direction? Do you want some additional features along with this feature? Please provide us your reviews.


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