All of Google’s jokes for April Fools’ Day 2014

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All of Google’s jokes for April Fools’ Day 2014

Google has a history of playing pranks on April fools day. If you remember then last year it was “Google Nose BETA” prank which made many of us (including me :P ) in believing that Google has infact invented some kind of mumbo jumbo through which we can smell by sniffing out monitor ( :P ).

This year too, Google has played many pranks on it’s different services such

  • Google Magic hand- In this prank, Google Japan announced that it has launched a new device Magic Hand, a new input method for smartphones. This ensures that we don’t have to operate our own mobile device anymore: the magic hand does all the hard work.

  • Google Maps Pokémon Challenge- In this prank, when you search on Google maps using any android or IOS device you will find Pokémon on your maps. You have to go into the location in person and catch them using Pokédex.

  • Gmail Shelfie- Shelfie which stand for SHareable seLFIE, is the new prank of Gmail. If you open your Gmail account, you will be greeted with –
    Selfie custom themes are incredibly popular in Gmail and they just got better. With Shelfies (Shareable Selfies) you can set your own photo as a Gmail custom theme and share it with your friends so they can enjoy looking at you as much as you do.

    Google even claimed that it is responsible for the “selfie” by calling Gmail “the pioneering platform for selfies” and give the following explanation for the beginning of the “selfie trend”

    When custom themes launched back in 2012, we urged you to find “your perfect image and make Gmail your own.” And you did. Many of you rushed to take photos of yourselves to upload as your Gmail custom theme, which you started referring to as selfies.

    The company back up it’s statement by providing a ridiculously complicated graphGmail Shelfie 2014 Google further claims that since there is no current way to share a selfie (ignoring facebook, instagram, Google Plus, etc), it was forced to introduce Gmail Shelfie. Anyhow, if you upgrade your account to Gmail Shelfie and upload your selfie, you might get it on the trending list.

  • Nest Total Temperature Control - Since Google acquired Nest last month and it is now officially a Google brand, it has to join the Google April Fools Prank 2014. Nest claims that it has teamed up with Virgin America to reinvent the way people fly.Total temperature control allow every single passengers to control the temperature to their comfort. Presets settings include Cancun Afternoon and Chicago Polar Vortex.
  • WazeDates- Since Google also acquired Waze, a social mapping software company, in June 2013, how can it be left behind ? Waze announced that it had acquired “Israeli social enterprise software startup SingleSpotter”, thus WazeDates.
    It also claims that they had successful beta of the program in San Francisco and Tel Aviv and now have launched their expanded pilot. WazeDates claims that it is “allowing drivers to take the same hands-on approach to their personal life as they do to fighting traffic.”

    ‘WazeDates’ uses the same crowdsourcing technology designed to help drivers around the world outsmart traffic, while creating a new space for people to meet and fall in love. Signup today to become a Beta tester:

    SingleSpotter’s patented algorithm monitors all the smartphone’s activity including facebook relationship status, vacations, happy hours from phone’s calender, use of taxis apps and what not. In short, WazeDates alert drivers of the likely singles on the road nearby which can be searched on the basis of age, sex, orientation, and so on.


  • Chrome Translates Text to Emoji- This one is pretty straight forward, Chrome replaces certain words with Emoji. But this is optional, if your device’s date is 1st April, then just hit the “Translate to Emoji” option in the menu.Chrome Translates Text to Emoji
  • Google Adsense “Top planets and moons”- If you happen to have an adsense account and want to see top countries from where you earned most, you will find it replaced with “Top planets and moons”. But the earnings are real. The planets mentioned here are simply other countries like US, Canada, UK etc.Top planets and moons in Adsense Earnings

This is the round of all of the Google’s prank that I have found so far but the list doesn’t stop here. On April fools day, Google seems to have an endless pit for playing pranks. Since there are hundred of sucessfull products of Google, I expect to see more of these pranks and will update this post as the company launches more jokes.


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