3 Steps to Create Proxy Site using WordPress

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how to create poxy server

Learn how to create your own proxy site in 3 easy steps using free WordPress that enables you to magically access any website that is either blocked by your IT administrator or censored by your organization.

If you are not permitted to access any website, either due to restriction by your employer or censored by government, you create use your own proxy server to get full access and bypass the filters.

These days thousands of free proxy site are available on internet you can use any of them. But if you are interested to have your own proxy site and want it to be in your control then you can create your own proxy site by using WordPress.

How to Create Proxy Site?

Turning WordPress site to proxy site takes less than 1 minute. You need a active website or a blog running with Worpress Software to create proxy site.

Step 1: Go to you Worpress Dashboard -> Setting -> Permalinks and chose any format for your permalinks other than the default option. SAVE the changes.

Step 2: Staying in your Dashboard go to Plugin -> Add New and search Repress in Worpress Plugin .

(The free RePress plugin – ‘repress’ here is short for ‘repressive’ as in ‘repressive regimes.’)

Step 3: Now final step, Go to Setting -> Repress and add you domain on which you want to use it (Example:http://www.yourdomain.com/proxy).

create free proxy site

Now you proxy server is ready to use. Go to your browser address bar type your domain name www.yourdomain.com/proxy and start accessing any website.

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The core working of proxy server is based on the open source PHP project. It is best recommended to use separate WordPress installation for proxy server it is because of too many proxy request may put strain on your website.
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If you know other ways to create proxy site, feel free to leave comment.


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