How to Create A Peel Away Effect On Your Website/ Blog

How to create peel away effect on website or blog? It is one of the most asked question. Webmasters or bloggers always wonders about the tricks used to create peel away effect. Peel away effect is most effective way for getting attention of your visitors. Peel away effect makes visitors curious to peel it off […]

Create Mobile Version Of Your Website/blog

As we all know the contemporary visitors demands of mobile version of your website or a blog. As the mobile technology is tremendously increasing, the visitors of website by mobile are also increasing in same proportion. This means if you don’t have Mobile Version of your website or blog you may lost your Mobile visitors. […]

WordPress Tips: Separate Comments and Trackbacks

By default, in most of the WordPress themes you might have noticed that there are both comments and Trackbacks and they are together. Its means both are displayed in the same list. It becomes difficult for visitors to distinguish between comments and trackbacks. To make your blog more organize you should separate comments from trackbacks. […]

What to Do After WordPress Installation

After WordPress installation you should do the following tweaks to improve your WordPress security and change default setting to your own custom settings. Most of the times beginners asked this question “What to do after WordPress installation”. Here I am going to answer it. These are the following changes you should do to make your […]

How to Secure your WordPress Login Page

Hackers often uses login area as their primary key to hack any website or blog, due to public accessibility of login page. So it’s become important to secure your WordPress login page. Thousands of WordPress bloggers become victim of  unauthorized access. If any non-authorized user logged in your WordPress it may be produce a big […]

5 Essential Tips to Improve WordPress Security

Hackers often target WordPress running blogs and websites. Here are 5 essential tips that help you to better protect and improve WordPress Security. Thousand of WordPress enabled websites becomes victim of hackers every year, due to vulnerability of website. The website/blog owner should careful with their plugins installed and other administrative areas. Hackers most of […]

Create A Free Website

Do you want to have your own website for free? Are you unable to pay for the charges of the website? Here is the solution of  how to create a free website . You need two things to create a fully free website. One is a  Domain Name and second is Free hosting. In this […]

Setup Free Proxy Server using Google App Engine

Learn how to setup free proxy server for free, no web hosting or domain required. With Google App Engine we will build and host free proxy server. On internet, there are thousands of PHP proxy scripts are available that will help you to setup free proxy server in a minute. Learn how to create Proxy […]