Cool AJAX Page Loading Effects

It’s a cool page loading effects I ever seen. Page loading effects makes visitors to think about the coolness of the website. It’s really annoying to waiting for to complete page loading, So if your serve complete web page once it put good impression on your visitors. In this tutorial I am going to give […]

Automatically Backup Your Facebook Tagged Photos to Dropbox

You have complete control on the photos uploaded by you on the Facebook but not on those in which you are tagged. The photos in whom you are tagged are uploaded by your friends and can be deleted anytime by them. So it is good to automatically download these photos so you don’t loose them. […]

Create Mobile Version Of Your Website/blog

As we all know the contemporary visitors demands of mobile version of your website or a blog. As the mobile technology is tremendously increasing, the visitors of website by mobile are also increasing in same proportion. This means if you don’t have Mobile Version of your website or blog you may lost your Mobile visitors. […]

Create A Free Website

Do you want to have your own website for free? Are you unable to pay for the charges of the website? Here is the solution of  how to create a free website . You need two things to create a fully free website. One is a  Domain Name and second is Free hosting. In this […]