Kyocera Hydro Icon Announced for Boost Mobile : Waterproof, Dustproof

Boost Mobile has announced its new waterproof and dust-proof smartphone. The device is Kyocera Hydro Icon that will be available from this June 17th. The Hydro Icon will be sold at $149.99 off-contract and have ultimate monthly plans. The Hydro Icon is powered by Android 4.4 Jelly Bean; it is the latest series of waterproof […]

Motorola ‘Try Then Buy’ Program for Moto X 64 GB

Motorola’s big promotional program; Moto X in a 64 GB version is available under “try then buy” program. The program is itself started today, in this program the new version of the Moto X is available for US residents to choose a model, customize it, and be able to try it out for two weeks. […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S leaked features and pictures – 6.6mm, 465g

Samsung Galaxy Tab S leaked features and pictures are available even before official announcement date. The first look of the device suggests that it is sleek (6.6mm) but heavy, with 465g weight. The leaked features have already caused much excitement in the Android community. Rumors are coming in from last week that the Samsung Galaxy Tab […]

Google Rolled out Panda 4.0

Google is very regular in updating it’s relatively new algorithm, Panda, since it launch. Panda has been updated every few months and because of that reason Google announced that it won’t announce the release of Panda updates. But Matt Cutts (Google’s head of webspam) tweeted today, i.e. on 21 May 2014 that Google Rolled out […]

Smartphone buying Guide: Things you must know

Your smartphone and you are going to do a lot of smart work together – clicking photos, making videos while doing fun, making calls and messaging. Picking a right device with right features and specifications feels like a choosing a star from millions and billion stars. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Use […]