Moto G 2014 Amazon Deal $149.99 Contract-free

Moto G is a mid-segment Android smartphone that has been very popular. Moto G packs very good hardware and software configurations in such cheap price. Os, if you don’t want to spend too much on a new Android smartphone, you must see this Moto G 2014 Amazon deal. Amazon is currently one of the biggest online […]

HTC Confirms Android 5.0 Lollipop on HTC One Mini

HTC is probably one of the most laziest manufacturer when it comes to update their devices to the latest Android firmware versions. HTC is usually last in releasing the latest firmware updates for their devices. But it seems like HTC has learned from other manufacturers such as Samsung which is usually the first in releasing […]

Buy Verizon Sony Xperia Z2 tablet for $499

Verizon is among the top carries providing high end smartphones at cheap prices, on contract. Now Verizon offers Xperia Z2 tablets for its customers which were launched earlier by Sony at Mobile World Congress earlier in February this year. You can buy Verizon Sony Xperia Z2 tablet for $499 with 2-year contract or $29.99/month with […]

Buy Sony Xperia T3 in Taiwan for NT$10,990

Sony recently released Xperia T3 Android smartphone as a top mid-range alternative for users wishing for a device with larger display. You can buy Sony Xperia T3 in Taiwan for NT$10,990 in Taiwanese market. The device is currently available in black, purple and white colors and it is expected that it will be available in European […]

What To Expect From Apple’s New IPhone 6

The launch of Apple’s new iPhone 6 is just around the corner. Before long, Apple’s smart phone mastery is sure to rock the mobile world once again. Read on to find out what amazing features you can expect from the iPhone 6. Larger phone and display: Bloomberg first reported that we could expect two different […]

How to enable Ok Google everywhere on Android

Initially, when Google released its ‘Ok Google’ amazing feature, it had some access limitations, for example- you could only use voice commands with the Google Experience Launcher or with Google Now. But recently, Google has removed these limitations, after the Google Search app update; you can now use Google Now voice commands from any screen […]

5 important Google I/O 2014 Keynotes

Google I/O 2014 is finally over. Although this I/O didn’t shed much light on what Google plans with Google Glass, this event was very existing for both, Android lovers and developers. Google gave the first official preview of its next Android OS 5.0 “Android L”. Also soon you will have Android inside your car, on […]

Google Glass now available for UK with price tag ₤1,000

After two year the launch of Google Glass in the US, Google is now expanding it’s Google Glass to the other parts of the world. Google Glass is Google’s one of the most popular product that’s already on headlines from long time, now it available for the people of UK. Those people who wants to […]