Setup Hotmail on Android

Do you own a Android Phone? Do you use Hotmail account as your commercial or personal email? Well here is a way to configure Hotmail on your Android Phone. 1. Open the Mail icon present on the Android Phone. 2. Now Click on the menu button then click on Account menu again then Add account. […]

Method 3- USB JIG method to Unbrick Android Phone

Please read my previous post before using this trick it is much easier Unbrick Android Phone TouchScreen. This is the last option for all those who have bricked their android phones permanently and are not able to somehow unbrick their mobiles with my previous trick. Here i will show you a way to create a […]

Setup Yahoomail on Android

Do you own a android phone? Do you use yahoo mail as your personal or commercial email? If your answer is yes then here is a way to setup yahoomail on your android phones without any additional software. Follow these steps:- 1. Open the mail icon present on your android phone. 2. Type in your […]

Unbrick Android Phone TouchScreen

Note:- This tutorial applies to all Touchscreen android phone like Samsung, HTC and any other android making companies with touchscreen interface. Android Bricking is a common but very unpleasant phenomenon. Bricking mostly happens due to failures during the Android Upgradation  like power failure, software fault, disconnection etc. Now once a android phone is bricked is […]

HTC Desire HD ROM List

Want to install custom ROM’s on your HTC Desire HD? Well today i bring you a complete list of most popular and efficient HTC Desire HD ROM List.  All these ROMs are collected for xda-developers forum and brought here in form of a list. More information on the ROMs can be found in the links […]

Samsung Galaxy Ace Custom ROMs List (S5830)

Want to flash your Samsung Galaxy Ace? Well here is the collection of the non official Samsung Galaxy Ace custom ROMs list. All these ROMs have been collected from various threads of xda-developers forum and brought to you in form of list. These ROMs are the individual work of their developers and i am merely […]