Unlock Nexus 9 Bootloader

Nexus 9 was released a couple of weeks ago. Just like its predecessors, Nexus 9 is also very popular and a huge success. This high end smartphone has very nice hardware configurations and is real bang for money. Nexus devices have always been loved by developers and you won’t find more ROMs for any series […]

(One-Click) Nexus 5 Install TWRP Recovery v2.8

Installing custom recovery on your device opens up great new possibilities, such as rooting your device, installing custom ROMs/scripts/kernels on your device. We have already written a guide on how to root Nexus 5 device running Android 5.0 Lollipop. So, after installing TWRP, this might be another thing that you should do. Following this procedure […]

Unlock Nexus 5 Bootloader

Nexus 5 is a wonderful device, it has very good hardware and software configuration that gives very good user experience. But if you are among those users who like to experiment a lot and want to push your device’s capabilities to the edges, then the first thing that you need to do is unlock your […]

Nexus 5 ADB and Fastboot Installation Guide

If you have a new Nexus 5 device, you might have face driver problems while either connecting with adb, fastboot or simply connecting your device to PC when you want to transfer file to/from PC. Many users have faced problems in installing device drivers on their PC. So we have prepared a detailed Nexus 5 […]

Best Android Launcher for Samsung Galaxy S5: Amazing look and feel

Let me tell you one big thing about Android operating system, the real beauty of Android lies in the potential to customize it. And this flexible customizability help its developers think, out of the box. Amazing and cool Android Launchers not only changes the look and feel of your device but are also capable of […]

How to create a Nandroid backup of your Android Phone

The thing I love the most in Android is highly customizability. This helps one to customize their device, according to their desire and likes. Using custom ROMs or launchers makes your device look and feel all different from stock. I am sure if you’re a techy kind of person or you love to personalize your […]

2 Best ways to Fix KitKat SD Card write restriction

Google has done an annoying thing to Android. It has implemented a SD card write restriction in the latest Android version which displeased a lot of people, specially to see their expandable storage crippled. If you don’t use SD cards, fine or if you’re ok with just your internal memory of mostly 16-32GB then its […]

5 Effective ways to track a lost Android Phone without installed tracking app

It’s very unfortunate when someone’s phone gets lost or stolen somehow. From the very first day of my blogging, I am continually writing about various security issues and how one can make themselves safe from becoming a victim. In 5 Best Anti-theft Android apps article, I have discussed everything – why every smartphone user should […]