Reasons For Low CPC (Cost Per Click) : Adsense Solution

It is very frustrating to see several clicks returning half dollar or less. But in practice we expect at least $1 per click or more. If you are facing the same problem, it is very big reason to worry. There are many reasons for low CPC, some of them are avoidable and some are not. […]

Get Best Returns From Google Adsense

To get best returns from Google Adsense, you need to first understand the terminology and standard recommended stats. Once you read this article, you may get lots of understanding about the Adsense. To making money from Adsense is easy, if you have enough knowledge about the factors on which your revenue has been calculated. One […]

What to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

Is you Adsense request  been rejected? Is Google not Approving your Adsense Account? What is wrong with your content?  Are you wondering with such question? Yes, of course it’s a big reason to worry about . After working so hard and you aren’t getting rewards makes you feel anxious. Now, don’t worry. In this article […]

Beginner tips : Make Money from Blog

Wondering for tips to make money from blog can be frustrating. Either you don’t use perfect techniques or you are not getting enough traffic. Here is the solution for beginner to make money from blog. In this  article we are going to discus basic elements and resources required by beginner blogger to make their blogs […]

Adsense is a service of Google that is based on Cost Per Click (CPC). Due to this reason it has certain algorithms that calculate the cost of a particular click. Some times due to competition the cost of a particular click becomes too high (around $50- $60). Today i will tell you the most expensive […]

Increase CTR : Genuine Tips to Make  Visitors to Click on Ads

People always wondering why not their CTR crossing 20%?. The answer is very simple, they don’t have used perfect technique to compel visitors to click on ads. There are lots of natural techniques available, Just what we need to do? Is keep all the factors in mind while manage our ads. Make your self up […]

5 Amazing Myths and Facts About Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best online business. It help people to make lots of money online, all depends on their hard work and use of smart thoughts. Here today I am going to give 5 amazing myths and facts about Google Adsense . Hope it will helpful to you in making a strong […]

Increase Adsense Earnings Using Competitive Ad Filter

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting good earning despite of decent traffic on your site ? Why inspite of getting continuous click on ads by your visitors you getting very low earning? Many of my blogs were facing same problem, inspite of visits and clicks on ads the earning were very low. […]