All of Google’s jokes for April Fools’ Day 2014

Google has a history of playing pranks on April fools day. If you remember then last year it was “Google Nose BETA” prank which made many of us (including me ) in believing that Google has infact invented some kind of mumbo jumbo through which we can smell by sniffing out monitor ( ). This […]

Top  5 Free Web Hosting Providers – At Zero Dollar

After  the request of many readers of this blog, today I am going to discuss top 5 free web hosting providers you can host your website at $0.00. Why Free Web Hosting? With the Free Hosting you can host several personal websites online at absolutely no cost. The service offers sufficient resources and easy-to-use tools […]

Create a Windows Shortcut Key

If you are a software geek like me then you must be have installed hundreds of software on your machine. Now installing software is one thing and manually opening them is another. The desktop become a unmanageable mess. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a windows shortcut key for every of your important software so […]

Setup Free Proxy Server using Google App Engine

Learn how to setup free proxy server for free, no web hosting or domain required. With Google App Engine we will build and host free proxy server. On internet, there are thousands of PHP proxy scripts are available that will help you to setup free proxy server in a minute. Learn how to create Proxy […]

3 Steps to Create Proxy Site using WordPress

Learn how to create your own proxy site in 3 easy steps using free WordPress that enables you to magically access any website that is either blocked by your IT administrator or censored by your organization. If you are not permitted to access any website, either due to restriction by your employer or censored by […]

Install WordPress on 000webhost

Previously i posted on how you can get a free Domain Name  (Visit here for more) . Today i will tell you on how to install WordPress on one of the best free Web hosting provider . WordPress is one of the most used content management system by the bloggers around the world. But […]