Best Email App For Android – MailWise

What is the best Email App for Android? This question has been asked far too often. The answer, however, isn’t too simple. Choosing an app among the list of so many worthy candidates is very difficult indeed.

Top 10: Free Android Medical Apps

With people relying on their Android smartphones more than ever, developers round the world are trying to create innovative apps everyday. Today, you can use Android medical apps to measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar level and much more.

Top Upcoming Android Smartphones in 2015

With the technology always moving forward, a new-released Android Smartphone with top of the line specifications, doesn’t last on the top position for more than two weeks. The technology is ever-changing and so are the Android smartphones.

Top Android Security Breaches In 2014

Each year, we hear security breaches in all the sections of technology. 2014 was no different, there were some of the major security breaches including Sony, U.S. Homeland Security, JPMorgan credit card hack, etc. Android also suffered from many major data breaches which put some of the biggest companies in bad light.

Revealed! WhatsApp To Have Calling Feature Soon

With an active user base of over 600 million, WhatsApp is currently the most popular chat app in the market. WhatsApp has all the features required in a popular chat app, except the ability to make calls through the internet. Whatsapp releases their app in two versions for Android devices, one through the PlayStore and […]

Amazon Giving $220 Worth Of Paid Android Apps For Christmas

Holiday season is around and big companies have started providing gifts to their customers this season. Earlier, we reported in HTC hot deal which gives 20% off on any new HTC smartphone. Now, Amazon giving $220 worth of paid Android apps for Christmas has made this holiday season, even better. The $220 worth of paid […]

New Year Deal: Get 20% Off On Any New HTC Smartphone

Celebration period has begun, today is Christmas, and new year is just around the corner and the companies around the world have begun giving amazing deals and discounts on their products. HTC becomes the first smartphone company to provide the hot HTC deal, get 20% off on any new HTC smartphone. So, if you were […]

Getting Rid Of Electronics The Safe Way

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your favorite electronic gadget, you may be so focused on getting the best deal on your new phone, tablet or laptop that you’re not even thinking about a proper way to dispose of your old one. Whether you’ve decided to sell, recycle, toss or donate your old gear, there are […]

Google Rolled out Panda 4.0

Google is very regular in updating it’s relatively new algorithm, Panda, since it launch. Panda has been updated every few months and because of that reason Google announced that it won’t announce the release of Panda updates. But Matt Cutts (Google’s head of webspam) tweeted today, i.e. on 21 May 2014 that Google Rolled out […]