Tactic to Generate Traffic from Google Images

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Generate Traffic From Google Images

You might be have heard about the Search Engine Optimization for Google web. But I am sure you won’t have heard about the Search Engine Optimization for Google Images.
Hardly any webmaster cares about Google Images, because most of the webmaster don’t have enough knowledge about the gold mine of traffic for their website/blog. Yes, I am talking about Traffic from Google Images.
I want to share my own experience, My blog gets 21% of its traffic from Google Images, 48% from reference and remaining 31% form Google Web. When I saw this statics first time I really got shocked same as now you are.
If you ask how? The answer for your question is simple, I will tell you, just optimize your images for Google Images and make it to generate some more traffic for you.

How to Optimize for Google Images?

This is the main question for which I am going to find out answers for you.
Following are the simple ways to optimize for Google Images. Images  not only give a pleasant presentation for readers but also helps to bring readers for you.


1. Place keywords

Image optimization is a part of on-page optimization. While adding image in your content, you should do the following.
Filename – You should name your image file with appropriate keywords. Don’t use DF12.jpg like naming conventions. Visitors are used to make searches by typing keywords in search boxes.
Alt attribute – It very useful for image optimization. Don’t skip it.
Description – In Google Images, users go for images only when they reads about it.
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2. Use JPG as filename extension

It is recommended to use JPG image file extension on your web page. It is because JPG files are more readable according to most of the browsers. Google Images gives more priority to JPG files than others. Try to upload 1-60kilobyte image size for quick loading.

3. Publish unique, fresh, and high-quality pictures

It is important to maintain uniqueness of the images used. Try to make images attractive and informative. Users get attracted with the appearance of the images. Images not only help in traffic generation but also make your web page look different from millions of web pages.

4. Upload several images

You might thinking above title is wrong but it true. Google Images (SERPs) gives more value to those pages which contains more images. So it is preferred to upload more than one , two images per page.

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Above tips are easy to implement, it won’t take more than a few minutes per page.
If you have any other tips to improve traffic from Google Images Optimization, Feel free to share with us.


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