SEO Tips 3: Google Ban Protection

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google ban

Often I see people complaining on SEO forums that their website or blog has been banned by Google. And they have no any clue.
The motive of this article is to teach you the most important factors of Onpage and Offpage Optimization in SEO to protect your website from Google Ban.“What not to do when doing Onpage/OffPage Optimization?.
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How to know whether Google has you banned or not?

Often people misunderstand that they have been banned from Google, but in reality they have dropped in ranking and they can’t find their website.
There are two techniques that lets you know whether your are Google banned or not.


  • Google Search Result
  • Google Toolbar

Search your website URL on Google Search Engine , If it will display “No information available for the URL”, its means your website no longer exist in Google Database. In this case “Our website have been banned by Google”.
Google Toolbar is an another simple way to detect whether you website have been banned or not. Install Google Toolbar. Simply open your website in your browser and notice if Google PageRank is completely gray , it means you’re are banned by Google.
Those are the two basic tools we used to find out Google Bans.

What can cause your website to get banned by Google?

There are many Onpage and Offpage Optimization factors that can cause Google to ban your website.
Onpage Optimization Ranking Factors Cause Google ban:

In my last article Onpage Optimization Techniques I taught you what to do to improve your Onpage Optimization. Now here I will teach you what not to do to prevent Google ban.


1. Hidden Text

Hidden Text is nothing too technical it’s simply hiding some keywords in the body of the page. So that it’s not visible for reader.

Hidden Text Google Ban

Webmasters used this technique to improve their onpage optimization. It’s a really black hat SEO. Don’t do that Search Engines are smarter then you.

2. Alt Image Tag Spamming

You might have read about the importance of “alt” image tag in my last article about Onpage Optimization technique.
People use it to hide their too many keywords in “alt” tag.
Don’t repeat your keywords frequently. Use once your main keyword in “alt” tag.
alt tag cause Google ban
In above image see the repetition of single keyword.

3. Meta Tag Stuffing

Again people misuse their “meta” tag to insert thousand times same keywords. Its really bad and ridicules thing.
Don’t do it. Google will ban you.

4. Title Tag Stuffing

It’s an another silly thing new webmasters used to insert large numbers of keywords in their page title tag.
Again don’t do this, Use 60 – 70 characters in your title tag only.
Read more in SEO Tips 1 : Importance of Title Tag in SEO.
Offpage Optimization Ranking Factors Cause Google ban:

1. Bad Neighborhood.

It’s an only one way by which your competitor can harm you. Bad Neighborhood means get backlinks from a website that has been banned from Google.
Let me explain it with an example:
Suppose I have a Google banned website, And If you I link you back. I am your bad neighbor.
Because Google also Bans those website which have backlinks on the Google banned websites.
Hope you got it. Be careful about your bad neighborhood. Earlier I told you how to check for Google ban.

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