SEO Tips 2 : On Page Optimization Techniques

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SEO tips 2 On page optimization

On page optimization is important not only it helps you to optimize your web page on Search Engines but also increase the readability of the content. These days Search Engines are getting Smarter and intelligent, so now it’s not enough to just have a good content.
A good webmaster should know the importance of it. If you are really serious about to see your title on the top of Google Search Engine then only read this article. It won’t take more than an hour to understand and implement the very first step of SEO that is called On page Optimization.
In this article I am going to discuss all the basic factors with well explanations and examples. It not only helps you to provide the explorer to the website but also increases your CTR of the Websites.
This is my second article on SEO tips series. If you have not yet studied my last article, Read it first: SEO Tips 1 : Importance of Title Tag in SEO

On Page SEO tips and Techniques

1. Importance of “Title” in SEO

  • Include your keywords in your page title
  • Use the ‘|’ symbol to separate words

Try to minimize the use of “,” or other special characters. Place your main keyword in title.
I have been explained this in my SEO Tips 1 : Importance of Title Tag in SEO articles, you should read it.

2. HTML Tag Representation

Use <h1> and <h2> header tags
All search engines gives priority to h1 tags because they read h1 tags as the title of the page. The best place recommended to place h1 tag is the top left of your web page because the Google Search Engine reads web page from top left to bottom right.
Text Style
Bold, italicize, and underline some keywords
As the style is design for the giving importance and making eye catching texts. It works the same for Search Engines also they give respective importance to styled texts.
Make sure to bold, italicize and underline the main keywords present in the content area.

3. Keywords Placement

Place your main keyword at the beginning and end of your webpage.
Placing keywords in the content increase the keyword density but placing keywords at right place help you to increase the ranking of your website.
Its recommended to place your main keyword at the very beginning and at the last of the page. Search Engines gives an exceptional priority to these keywords.
Include your keyword in the copyright footer of your webpage.
Search Engines also adds value to those websites in which they found keywords in their copyright footer of webpage.

4. On page Image Optimization

Use <alt> image tags and include your keyword, plus the word “images” or “graphic” etc.
It is one of the best way to top your competitor, Search Engines always give priority to those page that have a better content presentation. It is experts saying that the web page which has multimedia content such as images , videos or other graphics with “alt” tag are more prioritized with Search Engines than others.
Always try to include one or more images. It also helpful for you to get traffic from Google Images Search.

Those are the basic but very effective and important factors of on page optimization. While designing web page you must keep all the tips in mind. Competitions are too high to top other that you should take care of each and every small things.

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