SEO Tips 1 : Importance of Title Tag in SEO

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Title Tag is an important part of the Website. Search Engine evaluates a webpage with its title tag. It is a short description of webpage. Each page of website should have a title tag that must be an unique and  precise statement. Search Engines assumes that the words used in the title tag are the most important words of the web page.

Using the same title for more than one web page is a bad practice. Try to avoid similar title for two or more document. In regards with Search Engine Optimization the “Title Tag” score 2.0/10.

In this article we are going to describe the role and Importance of Title Tag in SEO. We have also listed very important tips on “Title Tag”. This Article is a 1st part of our complete SEO tutorials.
Title Tag should be inserted in tag of your HTML document and it looks like this :

<TITLE>Professional Marketing Tips</TITLE>

“Title Tag” Important Tips

Following are the very important tips, you should keep in mind while designing you web page.


  1. It should always inserted after opening of <head>tag.
  2. It should be specific keyword or phrases.
  3. Used keyword and phrases must appear in body text.
  4. Its recommended to use 6 – 12 words (less than 70 characters) title tag.
  5. You should use the same keyword twice or thrice in body to increase density of keywords.
  6. Don’t repeat keywords one after another.
  7. Phrase used must make some grammatical and logical sense.
  8. Placing primary keywords at starting of the tag gets more values.
  9. Write title in title case. (e.g., Money Making Business)
  10. Avoid using stop words like of, from, to etc in title tag.
  11. Avoid using superlatives in your title (e.g. the best, fastest, cheapest, leader ) .
  12. Use less commas as much as possible.
  13. Keywords density 20 – 25 % is good enough.
  14. You should close title tag with </title>.
  15. Avoid changing title of your web page.
  16. Keep you title unique as much as you can.

Bad practice:
<title>Money,Online,Marketing,Tourism,Hotels </title>

Good practice:
<title>SEO tips 1 - Importance of Title Tag</title>
<title>Make Online Money</title>

Organized title with a specific meaning gives high ranks in SEO optimization by search engines. Practice to follow the above rule to improve your website search engines ranking.
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If you have any other tips on “Title Tag” , feel free to leave a comment.


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