SEO Tips 4: Myths and Facts about SEO

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SEO Myths and Facts

Nowadays , There are so many myths about Search engine optimization out there. Although, all myths or facts are not true or false. You have to understand on yourself what is right or wrong. SEO is something about promoting your business online, so you should have to take care of your brand.
It is very important to know what is truth or what is SEO myths. The motive of this article is to put some light on the myth and facts about the SEO, so that it bring a clear picture about SEO in front of you.
Before start playing with SEO you should have a good knowledge of it. Bad SEO may cause lot of trouble for you. ”Partial knowledge of anything is bad.”. In my previous articles I have defined all basics of SEO .
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Mind Blowing SEO Myths and facts

1. SEO is one time

False, SEO is something like nonstop event. It is a constantly moving process of marketing your business online. It is big myth among the people that SEO is one time event. As per in the changing technology we also needs to change our SEO techniques according to the Search Engine.

2. It takes time

True, SEO not going put your website on Google higher rank over a night, it is a process that take some time to return something good. If you have more competitors in market thing might take even longer. Put your best SEO effort, it will work for you. You need to be patient and wait for return.

3. You need millions of links

False, It is not necessary to have millions of links, but it is good to have solid one way links pointing to your website that occur naturally.
Search Engines always give priority to natural one ways links.

4. PageRank is everything

False, PageRank is an important for only optimizing your website on Google Search Engine. It doesn’t mean anything to the outside the world. In other word PageRank is nothing for Other Search Engines.
Google gives power to your webpage by determining PageRank for your webpage.
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5. Trickery does not work

True, Search Engines are smarter than you think. If you try to perform any trick on your website. You could end up with a penality by Search Engine. Don’t try to perform any black hat SEO.
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SEO is important to lean, Above myths and facts are well known in the world of Search Engines. Try to avoid illegal things in the teams of Search Engines.
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