How to Secure your WordPress Login Page

by 6 years ago

Secure Wordpress Login

Hackers often uses login area as their primary key to hack any website or blog, due to public accessibility of login page. So it’s become important to secure your WordPress login page.

Thousands of WordPress bloggers become victim of  unauthorized access. If any non-authorized user logged in your WordPress it may be produce a big trouble for you. So it is better to make yourself secure than becoming victim.

The repository have lots of good security related plugins that will continuously monitor your WordPress blog for intrusions and other suspicious activity and provides security from unauthorized logins.

Secure your WordPress Login

If you want to secure your WordPress Login page from non-authorized user, then you have three choices:
1. Password Protect with .htaccess
Additional security of your WordPress Login. It protect wp-admin folder of your WordPress with username and password other than your regular credentials.
2. Google Authenticator
It’s a best plugin as far as security is concern. It provide two- leve security to you account same as Google Account. First you need to authenticat yourself by username and password and then  at second level you have to enter the time-dependent code sent on your mobile phone.
3. Login Dongle
Login Dongle, use a unique way to protect your WordPress Login. It ask you to add a bookmarks that generated by it, Bookmark have a bookmarklet with a secret question.  During your login time, when you are on WordPress login page, you have to enter first your credentials and then you have to press this bookmaktlet to get login. Otherwise, login button won’t work.

Also see: 5 Essential Tips to Improve Your WordPress Security.

Use any of those protection that suit your blog or comfortable for you. It’s better to have protection of blog. If you are using other than those plugins to Secure your WordPress Login, you are welcome to give a advice to other by leaving comment.


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