How To Get .edu and .gov backlinks

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how to get .edu and .gov backlinks

Search Engines Algorithms give  big priority to the .edu and .gov backlinks. If you want that your website/blog gets more weight on search engines in a very short time, then you should go for some good backlinks on those website whose domain name is ending with .edu or .gov. It is well confirmed by most SEO and online marketing experts that .edu and .gov links are tremendously great for the ranking of website on search engines. Although there are several ways to get links on .edu and .gov website, but in this article I am going give two major and most effect ways to collect backlinks. Choose according to your way to approach or the content of your website or blog.

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Ways to Get .edu and .gov Backlinks

1. Backlinks with Mutual Agreements

Getting backlinks form .edu an .gov is a difficult work. But you can do it effectively by listing out all .edu and .gov websites related to your website content or topic. Listing websites related to your topic is too easy by using Google Operator and Add your keyword along with the operator. "keyword 1" "keyword 1"

Once listing has been done, what next? . Now it’s time to do some professional work. Select those websites from the list, with whom you think the sharing of your link probably would be higher. Contact the webmaster of those website / blog and offer them some business such as :

  • Point him to your blog that could be valuable to those sites.
  • Ask him for Link Exchange (Recommended to link him first before asking for back link).
  • Or offer some money on link returns.

2. Backlinks Without Mutual Agreements

If you are not enough smart to convince webmaster  for your backlink because your blog does not have content that could be relevant or valuable to the educational or governmental websites . Then you can go for the another way in which you have to find those websites that allow user to create/leave backlinks on their websites without interaction with their webmasters. These types of common .edu and .gov sites are blogs and forums. Use the same Google operators to search blogs and forums with .edu and .gov domain name ending. inurl:blog "keyword 1" inurl:forum "keyword 1" inurl:blog "keyword 1" inurl:forum "keyword 1"

Now same as above you got all the lists of blog and forums relevant to your topic. Visit selected blogs/websites, find the discussion relevant to your topic of your website/ blog and leave a good quality comment with your backlink. Or you should join such forums to improve your social relationships. Don’t pollute the online environment, make sure to leave only informative contents in your comment.
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Search Engine gives more weight to .edu and .gov links because the .edu and .gov websites are more reliable websites on the internet. If .edu or .gov linking to any website or blog that means website has same valuable content. This is the way how Search Engine Algorithms thinks.



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