How to Become a SEO Master

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Become SEO Master

Yesterday I met with one of my best friends, he asked for help in SEO of his website. The site is an ecommerce based website. He hired a web designer group to review the design and to make it SEO friendly.
:( It was very sad, the hired web agency completely damaged all optimization he had on his website, all of his website’s permalinks have changed, same title had been used, no on-page optimization rules had been followed and so on. In other words, he has lost his website ranks over a night.

If you are a website owner you should have a basic SEO knowledge. To learn basics about SEO go though following articles:
He asked me to go along with him to meet the agency designers and discuss the issues.
Today morning I had an meeting with the designers who owned the agency. After a hour long talking I inferred they didn’t have good experience in the field of SEO. To know bit more about their techniques used I asked some technical questions. One of them replied me:

“Hey man, I know this stuff, I am even doing the Google course!”.
I replied:
“What Google course? Google doesn’t offer any SEO course officially.”

After too much arguments, Finally he admitted that he didn’t knew too much about SEO. I gave them a list to do to fix my friend website.

The Best Way To Become SEO Master

According to Me and Other SEO Experts there is one way to become a SEO Master, that is by doing it yourself and getting your hands dirty.
Of course, books and other courses can help you but 90% result will come from your own experience and practices.

Remember one thing there is no substitute of practice.

Make 10 websites, work on their SEO, it may be happen that 9 website fail but 1 will rock you world and your SEO work will generate huge amount of organic traffic.
I have already told you there is no any substitute of your own practice. Only when doing it yourself, you can learn which is working effectively or which is not.

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