Get Indexed fast by Google Search

by 6 years ago


Have You recently purchased a Domain? Does Google index your website very late? If your answer is yes then you have come to right place. Today i will tell you how you can get indexed fast by Google. Just follow these steps:-

1. Create account on these websites
just create your account in these websites and add your domains in their profiles. For more visit 18 Ways To Get Free High Quality Backlinks Instantly.
Adding your domain in these site is very important because it increase your Google PageRank. The more the PageRank is the faster your site gets indexed. Note- Some websites get indexed in less then 5 minutes after posting their content on Google.
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2. Forum Posting
Forum posting is another way to get indexed quickly and also get huge free traffic to your website. Just create a account on these websites and write few unique lines about the your post along with its link. Since these websites have very high PageRank their content gets indexed in minutes and you get traffic from Day 1. Since the link on these website never dies so the traffic you get from these website never reduces.
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