How to Change WordPress Permalinks without affecting Google Index

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Change WordPress Permalinks without affecting Google Index

At the beginning, bloggers often ignores the permalinks they had used, after sometime they realize that they need to do some changes in their permalinks. But unfortunately they could not do that because of the fear of losing Google indexing, hyperlinks that they have created, bloggers backlinks or bookmarked of websites.

Now, here is the solution of question How to change WordPress permalinks without affection Google Index?

Let me explain your problem by taking an example, Suppose your blog or website having too log URL:

(a) (long url)

Now, you want to short it out by removing dates from above URL. To look like following:

(b) (short url)

Changing WordPress Permalinks

The solution of above problem is a WordPress Plugin provided by Deanlee. This plugin will replace your old permalinks (a) with your new permalinks (b).

How this plugin Work?

In web technology there is a way to tell search engines and browsers that the page has permanently moved and the old address should be replaced by new address. This process of telling search engines and browsers to redirect pages is known as Permanent Redirect.

Once you do this, Search engines will update their indexes quickly and you won’t lost your PageRank or traffics. This will work for all search engines, bookmarks, links .

How to Change Permalinks?

1. Download the Permalinks Migration plugin

2. Upload to /wp-content/plugins/

3. (Admin Panel) Activate the plugin

4. (Admin Panel) Go Options -> PermalinksMigration. Set your old permalinks structure

5. (Admin Panel) Go Options -> Permalinks. Set your new permalinks structure

6. (Admin Panel) Go Options -> Permalinks. Click Update Permalinks Structure

7. Done!

Test your Permalinks

1. Go, type (It list all your blog indexes)

2. Find old permalinks on Google results.

3. Click it.

Your old permalinks will brought you to your blog on same content with different URL.

If you know any other tricks to change WordPress permalinks without affecting any search engine indexing, Feel free to leave a comment.


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