Bounce Rate: Tactics to Decrease Bounce Rate of your Webiste/Blog

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Bouncing rate is a big factor in the success of any blog. It is important to know that a low bounce rate is vital sign of a healthy blog.
People often wonder how exactly bounce rate affects their blogs. Why they should care about it and what they can do about it.
In this article I am going to explain what is bounce rate? How it affect you blog health and major factors affecting the bouncing rate of your blog. It will not take more than an hour to understand it concepts and implement it according to your website requirements.

What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is “a way to measure the quality of your web traffic” . It is a measurement of visitors who came to your blog and amount of time spends on your blog.
If visitor came to your blog and left it in hurry, It is a bad thing for your bounce rate.
Its measure in two ways: First, Visitors came to your blog and left without clicking on another link. Second, Visitor came to your blog and spend more than 5 sec is count for you bounce rate.

Why Is Bounce Rate Important?

Bounce rate is a great way to determine the quality of visitors. Bounce rate is a measurement of visitor engagements.
Low Bounce Rate : Good for your Blog.
High Bounce Rate : Need to work on it.

How to measure Bounce Rate?

Google Analytics is one of the best tool to get a clear picture of your blog’s bouncing rate.
Go to Google Analytics account -> Dashboard -> Visitors -> “New Vs Returning .
If you find bounce rate of new visitors is below to your overall blog bounce rate. Its means you are doing good.
Note: Too low bounce rate is also not good. Minimum 10-20% bounce rate recommended for blogs.

How to decrease Bounce Rate?

Now, you understood all basics concepts of bounce rate. Here are the some well know tips that will help you to decrease your blog bounce rate.

1. Attract readers to Comment.

Commenting of readers can decrease you blog bounce rate.
If your visitor leaves a comment, he/she either redirect to another page for thanking him to comment or simply page get refresh.
It’s means that your visitor has visited more than a single page. That will count for your bounce rate.
Ask readers to leave comment?
Ask reader a question at the end of post?
Add feature comment plugin CommentLuv.
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2. Attract Readers to Subscribe

Subscriptions of your readers is beneficial in two areas. First Help you to generate list of email ids. Second, When someone subscribe to your blog he/she will redirect to another page. It work same as previous tips.

3. Use Internal Links

It’s a good thing to make your post interlinked. Offer something from your previous post in the middle of your current post. It make your reader to go to another link of your blog. That will increase number of page viewed.

4. Always open External Links in new Window

Often people do this mistake, Make sure if you are giving external links in your post, allow it to open in new windows otherwise your visitor may leave your blog.

5. Make you 404 page attractive

Most of the people wouldn’t even think on their 404 page. It is very important to redirect you visitor form 404 page to another useful page.

Other Ways to decrease bounce rate

  • Add Related posts.
  • Add Popular posts.
  • Display tags.
  • Avoid distractions such as pop up etc
  • Increase page loading speed.

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Those are the basics tips that will help you to decrease your bounce rate. Just you have to take it careful.
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