5 Natural Tactics To Engage Visitors

by 6 years ago

Engage visitors

Making visitors to spend some time on your blog is one a big task. It doesn’t matter, how much good blog you have. If you are not able to engage them on your blog, it is of no use for you. Let me explain with a practical example, suppose your blog is getting 2000 visitors a day and on an average your each visitor visits 2 pages. It means that, your blog is getting 4000 page impressions on a single day. And that is fair enough to generate 50$ or 60$. If it is happening with you, that means you are sucking yourself, be careful. You need to do something that makes 2000 visitor to give at least 6000 – 7000 page impressions. And then only you can generate 120$ – 150$ a day.
Here I am going to discuss 5 Natural Tactics to Engage visitors on your blog. For that is concluded this article.

5 Natural Tactics to Engage visitors


1. Related Posts

You might have heard it but may not be aware the actual use of it. If you are not placing “Related Posts” on an appropriate place, it won’t work. So, to get full benefit of this widget it is recommended to be place on the bottom of the single post. Generally, people asks question to themselves, what to do next?. That is the only perfect time to offer him some stuff, he will definitely think about it.

2. Comment Box

Comment box is another weapon to allow visitors to do something on your blog. 25% of visitors love to comment but unfortunately 75% visitors  don’t like to spend time on commenting. Its due to use of traditional boring comment interface. Try to make comment box as much attractive as possible. Today lots of user interactive features are available, one of which is CommentLuv. Read How CommentLuv attract visitors to Comment ?

3. Recent Posts

Recent posts lets visitors to know, what’s new is going on ? It gives options for visitors to decide what to do? It is recommended to place Recent posts on sidebar of your blog.

4. Social Medias

Today in blogging, social media has become too common. Social media make blogs more open to the world. One of the biggest advantage of social media is that it make visitor to come back to your blog again and again.

5. Popular Posts

Its human tendency to follow those thing which are followed by others. On the basis of same principle popular posts works for you. It get attention of the visitors to look in it about what’s so especial in it? So others like it.


Inside Links

Here I am giving a supplementary tactics that make visitor engaged on your blog. Inside links are something, that you can used while you are writing to your blog. Most of the time people ignores to give some internal links to their other articles. Internal links forms a loop for visitor to switch one article to another. So start keep on interlinking your article. It will give a lot of page impressions.


“If you want to publish this article on your blog, I won’t mind it. Just do a small thing, give a reference link to this article. Be Professional ,Respect Profession”


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