5 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 cases

Let me congratulate you for buying this lovely Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. Taking care of our loving devices is not an easy task but it needs more efforts. Caring things increases durability and also makes things look pleasant for a long time. Choosing perfect case for your device from thousands of options is not so […]

5 Best games for Samsung Galaxy S5

If you are looking for best games for your amazing Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, you’re at the right place. Here, we have picked up five best games for Galaxy S5, fully compatible and uncover all the phone’s capability to make your gaming experience, even better. Galaxy S5 has tons of new features along with latest […]

5 Best Android Apps for Entertainment

Looking for best entertainment app for Android? Here are the best Android apps to enjoy endless entertainment. Enjoy your favorite TV episodes and movies, anytime and from anywhere. Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful entertainment medium and Android platform is exponentially dominating the entertainment. On Google Play, there are hundreds of entertainment apps […]

24 Apps for Android Wear you must try

A few months ago, Android Wear was just a concept, seen only in videos and presentations, but now Android wear is a reality. In the last two weeks, world’s leading electronic giants have announced many Android wear devices such as Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Motorola’s Moto 360. Android wear market is very […]

5 Best sex apps for Android: Spice up your sex life

Human sexuality has biological, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. If you are looking to make your sexual life more interesting and enjoyable, here are the five best sex apps for Android that are capable enough of teaching you some new positions and will improve your sex life. The lists of apps compiled here are best known […]

5 Best lifestyle apps for Android you should try

Looking for something that makes your smartphone more smarter? Here are the five best lifestyle apps for Android that will improve your life style experience and give you a way to operate your smart device, more smartly than ever before. The best thing about our list of compilation is to provide something special to every […]

5 Best privacy apps for Android

Smartphones and tablets both need privacy protection to keep our most personal information safe which is very critical. Let’s only take a single face of mobile privacy, and understand why mobile privacy is very important- mobile apps log the webpages people browse, the products they buy, and the videos they watch. Many apps also note […]

Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch [Specs-to-Specs Comparison]

Samsung and LG both are the giants of electronic industry and from a very long time, they have been ruling the mobile communication segment. After the announcement of Google’s new Android Wear OS, both the companies started competing very hard, among themselves and with third company Motorola, which is also going to bring its Moto […]

LG G Watch full specs, features, price and availability

The LG G Watch has been officially announced and the full specs of this LG smartwatch have been revealed. Google and LG., both have confirmed that the LG G Watch is going to be available for pre-order on the Google Play Store, from June 25. The G Watch was first unveiled in March as the […]