Google Android TV with Simple Interface, Apps, and Games

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Google TV

After Amazon’s the Fire TV, Google will reportedly launch its Android TV.
Google Android TV is very different from other Android platform devices. Android TV is no more going to make your TV a more powerful smartphone. It’s all about entertainment; it’s going to explorer the entertainment gateways. “Android TV is an entertainment interface not a computing platform”, Google says according to The Verge report.
Google’s Android TV is extremely simple; the developers are working hard to build simple TV apps for an extremely simple set-top-box interface. The remote controller will also have Enter, Home and Back button, and coming with an optional gaming controller.

Google Android TV Screenshot
Android TV support voice commands to take input and focus on finding content quickly; according to report Android TV is much similar to Amazon’s Android-based Fire TV.
Access to content should be simple and magical” , it said.
The interface will consist of a set of scrolling cards that represent movies, shows apps and games sitting on a shelf. The screenshots of Android TV show Google apps such as YouTube, Hangout and other outside services.
After popularity of search engine and Android OS, now its Google new moves to your living rooms.


  • Alex

    Seems like Google wants to be in everything.

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