Slow Android? 5 Things you can do to Speed Up your Phone

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Things you can do to Speed Up your Phone

It’s excellent to have fast running computational device. Now we have latest and complex Android enabled computational devices that we can use for almost everything, from sending email to playing games, watching videos to capturing HD pictures. Apps loads too quickly, complex computations are too easy, things are working best when we have a new device on our hand, it’s like the device is in speed racer mode.

But when time goes, things doesn’t work same as they used to be. Simple Apps start taking longer time to open and run, easy computations become complex and things comes off the track. The speed demon that your phone once used to, now slowly starts to become a little frustrating to use.

Your Android device is slow? Don’t be sad, this happens to every computational devices after some times, even to your Android powered smartphone. With times, things start getting a little messy. The best thing is that we have a few things which can do to get your smart Android phone back in speed racer mode.

Five Things you can do to Speed your Android Phone back up

Here are the things that you can do to make your device Okay again. None of these are difficult and they won’t take more time to come to execute.

Uninstall All Apps that are not in Use

We all download apps in masses and try them a time or two, then forget that they  are even there. These apps stay in your phone’s app drawer, uses CPU cycles for background services, takes memory block and fragmenting device storage to make your phone slower and slower.Uninstall unwanted apps

Keeping useless apps on your device isn’t good, we have to say goodbye to these apps. We can download them again when we need. To uninstall any app you need to first find your device’s App Manager and open it. Once you open the app manager, you will find a tab saying something like Downloaded. Tap on “Downloaded” and scroll the list to find unwanted apps, click to see info and then you can see a button saying uninstall. Click on uninstall button,  Boom! Bam! say goodbye to the unwanted app.

That is really an easy thing that you can do to prevent you phone from wasting CPU cycle, disk space and RAM from unwanted and useless app’s background services.

Clean Up device Storage space

With time our phone’s storage becomes a very mess. Remember the time when you opened your camera to click a picture and you clicked multiple images just to get one perfect shot? Yup! Some of these images you don’t want to keep. Open your phone’s gallery and deletes all images that you don’t want. Make sure to check out each image before deleting them and do the same for videos.Storage Clean up

Not yet done, open the Download folder where you will find lots of files and only some of them are useful, other might be partial or useless downloads, just sitting there, taking up space. Delete all unwanted files and make this mess cleaner.

Here’s the tricky one, go to Settings, open Storage page and scroll the list until you see Misc. Tap it, you find all the miscellaneous files that applications have created on your device’s storage. Double check files and delete the ones that you find useless. (If you have root or installed custom ROM, be sure to make a backup before you start deleting).

Clear your Cached data

Generally caching is good thing. Keeping some frequently use data into local storage is a feature of intelligently programed app. Cached app’s thumbnails and other informational file allows them to quick access whenever they open.Clean up cache

But cache also has some drawbacks; sometimes outdated cached data can be buggy and makes apps to misbehave. Apps that are not in use from long time or uninstalled also leave cached data in your device’s storage that don’t have any use. Cached data also becomes outdated with times. A good programmed app knows when they have to generate cache or when they have to remove them.

Apps can create a fresh cache when they open, so nothing is bad to wipe them all at once. To clear you device cache open Setting > Storage and scroll until you see Cache, tap it and you will see a popup with an option clear all cache (Available with Jelly Bean 4.2 and up).

Things you can do to Speed Up your Phone

Time to look into SD Card

Not all devices have SD card but those who have, messy SD card makes device’s really slow. To clear you SD card, first you should take its backup. It’s better that you should insert you SD card into you PC and then take a backup, format it and then put your data back to card.Android Micro SD Card

This might cause some trouble for you, some of your installed apps might be getting affected and you need to re-install them. If everything is perfect and running you might observe the performance difference. This is not something you want to go very often, so whenever you are doing do it properly.

If all things fail! Factory Resetting

Factory ResettingHave you tried everything and found that they aren’t useful for you ? Here’s the last thing you can do to get your device back to same condition as it used to be. Sometimes, it’s way better to make a fresh start.

Factory resetting removes everything from your device and returns you phone in the same condition as it was when you first opened the box. Firmware updates remain, but other things like messages, app, contacts and other than cloud data goes forever. So make a backup of your important data before performing a factory reset.



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